A one-page study guide for those on an independent studying path for the ARE 5.0 Exam. It is now available for only $10. It comes with a free infographic to help you remember everything you need to check off your study list.

My Studytime Rules

Architecture Dunning Kruger Graph

Statute of Limitations and Repose Desktop Wallpaper

Download the RMSM Studio B.R.A.V.E. breakdown to give further action steps to supporting racial justice within the design community.
Free Download from the Using Digital Tools to Study For the ARE Live Webinar


Study Challenge for any of the ARE 5.0 Exams

Free download of a wallpaper I created to inspire me towards studying for the ARE exam.

Favorite Places for Free ARE 5.0 Content


Free articles and resources on the exams

Young Architect

Free articles and videos on the testing process


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