ARE Studio Holiday Giveaway

I have a surprise for all of you for the New Year! For every month of 2022, I will be giving away a free practice test or study material within the ARE Studio Facebook Group!

The winners will be announced on the 1st of each month, based on who the Top Contributor was for that month. The Top Contributor is based on the person with the most likes, posts, and comments, in short, the person who engages the most within the Facebook group. Once you’ve been announced as the winner, I will reach out to you for your email, and purchase the material on your behalf.

This giveaway will start with the first award on January 1st, a free copy of the *Walking the ARE 50 PPD40 Exam* by Erik Walker, which will be a great resource for those studying for the PPD exam (Project Planning & Design). Here’s the page for the practice exam if you want to know more about it:

This is the first PPD exam from Erik Walker, and this is actually a partial exam, hence the reduced price of $22. Another benefit of this practice exam is that you will have email access to ask Erik Walker questions about the material. He will be releasing the full set of questions soon, after which he will be releasing his PA exam.

Here’s a quick description of the product according to the website:

This exam will test you in all of the exam areas described in the NCARB handbook, as well as some areas outside of the handbook designed to help you understand the content for this exam. The questions have been written so that they apply to real-life scenarios to promote the understanding and application of the exam content as these exams are not simply a ‘What is this?’ or ‘What is that?’ type of exam because that is not what you will find when you take the exam.

The other standout about Walking the ARE is that the answers give a better explanation of why they are correct, or incorrect. Some questions might also explain why an answer this time might be correct but could be different if the question was worded just slightly different than it is.”

Since the first giveaway is in January, you can start participating now! Just like comment, or post within the ARE Studio Facebook Group, and the Top Contributor by January 1st, 2022 wins! You can join the Facebook Group here, and make sure you fill out all the membership questions!

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